In November I had the opportunity to collaborate with an old friend, Jeff Mortenson. Jeff and I went to high school together and have stayed in touch over the past few years. We have always talked about getting together and doing a shoot but our schedules had never matched up. Jeff is a very very busy person having spent a year in Las Vegas as the lead role in Cirque Du Soleil. After his year in the states he moved to Vancouver to dance. Jeff has been involved with dancing and gymnastics for his entire life so we thought it would be suiting to do a gymnastics themed shoot. After a couple hours of brainstorming I decided I wanted the photos to be more technical than most gymnastic shots out there. I wanted to focus on the form and movement of Jeff rather than Jeff himself.

The shots below have utilized one or two lights with modifiers ranging from reflectors with grids to various sized and shaped softboxes. I was recording video with a d300s and capturing images with a d300 coupled with a wide array of lenses. If you have any questions on the lighting or other gear used please feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

I trust you will enjoy these images to the same degree that I enjoyed shooting them.


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